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Grants Made in 2015

These are the grants within our main program area.

American Go Foundation Bring a Cuban Delegation to the 2015 US Go Congress $1,500
American University Cuba Initiative $46,000
Americas Society, Inc. Cuba Working Group 2015 $7,000
Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy Engaging Island Economists $14,000
The Bronx Museum of the Arts Jose Marti Statue 2015 $5,000
The Brookings Institution Conference on Rethinking Cuba: New Challenges for Development $10,000
Center for Democracy in the Americas Center for Democracy in the Americas 2015 Grant Proposal $47,000
Center for International Policy Pushing Onward to Normalization $30,000
Center for International Policy Vietnam War 40th Anniversary Event 2015 $5,000
Center for Strategic and International Studies Agricultural Cooperation in the Context of the Changing U.S.-Cuba Relationship $25,000
CODEPINK U.S.- Cuba Exchange: Building a New Economy $5,000
Council on Social Work Education Support for President of the Cuban Society of Social Workers to Attend Meeting $750
Eco Cuba Network / a project of Green Cities Fund Eco Cuba Network Campaign for US-Cuba Environmental Exchange $40,000
Environmental Defense Fund SOS Pesca: Protecting Marine Fish and Coral Reefs in Cuba through Community-Based Marine Management $40,000
The Federation of Southern Cooperatives Cuban/African-American Farmers Alliance $25,000
Global Exchange Engaging with Cuba: From People to People Ties to Policy Change $10,000
Green Cities Fund, Inc. Cuban Cooperative Law Project $13,000
Green Cities Fund, Inc. Cuban Post Graduate Certificate Program in Social and Solidarity Economy $26,875
Green Cities Fund, Inc. Socially Responsible Enterprise and Local Development in Cuba $150,000
Latin America Working Group Education Fund Building on a Magical Moment: Building Bridges, Ending the Embargo; Importance of Closing the Deal $47,000
The Literacy Project MAESTRA Documentary Grassroots Community Engagement Tour in Cuba $3,000
National Security Archive Cuba Documentation Project $28,000
NCBA CLUSA U.S.-Cuba Cooperative Working Group $25,000
The Ocean Foundation Cuba Marine Research and Conservation Program $14,000
Orion Magazine A Cuban Dialog: Planting Seeds for a New Economic Model $15,233
Schumacher Center for New Economics Exchange and Exploration with Temas Magazine, Havana $3,000
Schumacher Center for New Economics Strategies to Strengthen Cuba’s Emerging Solidarity Economy $125,000
Social Science Research Council Support for Collaboration with the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Center (CMMLK) $25,000
Social Science Research Council Study Tour for Cuban Economists $25,000
Social Science Research Council Support for Collaboration with the Human Change Group in Cuba $35,000
Southeastern African-American Farmers Organic Network The Afro-Eco Exchange $20,000
Washington Office on Latin America U.S.-Cuban Relations: Cementing Policy Change and Building Bridges $47,000