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Grants Made in 2012

Grant Amount
March American University $20,000
March Americas Media Initiative $10,000
March Americas Society $10,000
March Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy $4,000
March Center for Democracy in the Americas $40,000
March Center for Inter-American Legal Education $38,500
March Center for International Policy $35,000
March Citizen Digital Facilitation $4,000
March The Collaborative Institute for Oceans  – Climate and Security $5,000
March Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs $27,000
March Environmental Defense Fund $28,000
March The Flaherty/International - Film Seminars, Inc. $3,000
March The Friendship Association $10,000
March Fund for Reconciliation and Development $50,000
March Global Exchange $12,000
March Gulf Coast Bird Observatory $15,000
March Harvard University/ David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies $15,000
March Latin America Studies Association $8,000
March Latin America Working Group Education Fund $38,000
March Lexington Institute $19,000
March MEDICC $24,000
March Nassau Land Trust $28,000
March National Security Archives $17,000
March New America Foundation $34,000
March New Economics Institute $11,300
March New York Botanical Garden $7,000
March Ocean Foundation $23,000
March Responsible Enterprise and Local Development in Cuba/RELDC $113,000
March Social Science Research Council (4 grants):
Martin Luther King Center $25,000
Martin Luther King Center/LASA $3,000
SSRC/CIP $35,000
SSSRC/International Workshop $18,000
March The Nature Conservancy $17,000
March University of Florida $12,000
March University of Colorado/Boulder Sister Cities $10,000
March University of California/San Diego $2,000
March Washington Office on Latin America $22,000