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Grants Made in 2008

Grant Amount
March Center for Democracy for the Americas $87,000
March Center for International Policy $50,000
March Foundation for Normalization of U.S.-Cuba Relations $25,000
March Fund for Reconciliation and Development $50,000
March Lexington Institute $55,000
March New America Foundationÿ $100,000
March New America Foundation $30,000
March National Security Archive $45,000
March Puentes Cubanos $20,000
March Washington Office on Latin America/Latin America Working Groupÿ $130,000
March World Security Institute 250,000
March Global Exchange $10,000
March Cuba Research and Analysis Group $22,000
March Citizen Digital $45,000
March Center for Cuban Studies $20,000
March Center for Constitutional Rightsÿ $5,000
March Center for Inter-American Legal Educationÿ $200,000
March Medical Education in Cooperation with Cuba $30,000
March Social Science Research Council/Cuba Working Group $30,000
March Social Science Research Council/Economists Projectÿ $50,000
March Taos Institute $70,000
March New School Journal Donation Project $4,000
March Southwest Workers Union $12,500
March Environmental Defense Fund $37,000
March MOTE Marine Resourcesÿ $40,000
March New York Botanical Garden $20,000
March New America Foundation $30,000
March Wildlife Conservation Society $40,000
November Ocean Foundation $43,000
November Puentes Cubanos $12,000
November University of Michigan $8,000
November Woodrow Wilson Center $25,300
November Eric Leenson/consultation $20,000