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In 2016, The Christopher Reynolds Foundation will embark on a period of transition in our grantmaking profile. Although we will continue modest support of some work relating to Cuba—most likely in the areas of sustainability, social economy, agroecology and local development—the year will be largely devoted to revision of our principal focus. During this period we will be happy to review an LOI or even an informal note regarding your plans for the next year, but we do not envision that work focused on US policy, exchange programs or environmental issues, per se, will remain in our portfolio.

A Brief History

Following the US normalization of diplomatic relations with Vietnam in 1995, the Foundation began to look at the parallels between the former embargo on Vietnam and current US policy towards Cuba. We began to support work to strengthen contacts and understanding between citizens and institutions in the US and citizens and institutions in Cuba. This includes programs intended to complement the work of Cubans as they determine their future path in a variety of fields.